It’s not called OCD or Type-A, it’s called being organized. — Original Content Books


The feeling of getting things organized is not reserved for a certain type of person, but rather it is a powerful tool to get more done in a day.


  1. Posted by mobielryanne, — Reply

    Okay but why does it say "no gluten" and "no dairy"? Unless you're allergic those things aren't bad for you so why would you skip out on them? (And if you are allergic you already filter those out of your diet, it's a neccesity not an accomplishment)

  2. Posted by sagelee77, — Reply

    I've tried the monthly, daily and weekly habit trackers. Personally I like the ease of the weekly ones but I like looking at it across the entire month better.

  3. Posted by carolcmendes, — Reply

    What font was used in the title? I already looked everywhere! Help :)

  4. Posted by hannimalik, — Reply

    I love how "goals met" is completely empty like thats so me 😂

  5. Posted by DiggsyDo, — Reply

    Of all the things I've tried, this is my FAVORITE BuJo page.

  6. Posted by doodle2168, — Reply

    I love this and use it every day!

  7. Posted by hOeSmAd69, — Reply

    Also birch needs some water

  8. Posted by izzysellersfast, — Reply

    i didnt work for me

  9. Posted by Fritotheunicorn, — Reply

    Love this layout.

  10. Posted by andeerae, — Reply

    Loved It

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