Some More Classical Art Memes For Cultural Stimulation


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  1. Posted by bugscollegestuf, — Reply

    This is done because at the time children when only respected as the view of an adult in miniature form to act as a child in this era in high society was like running into your high school prom with nothing on while being stone cold sober.

  2. Posted by davismccorvey, — Reply

    Lord: Draw us and the kids while having dinner. But only from my description. Painter: But there are kids..I never painted those before.. Lord: No problemo... just draw tiny people, it'll do.. Painter: "paints" Lord: Like WTF is that?

  3. Posted by permanentkush, — Reply

    I saw a lot of shitty things today but nothing made me laugh harder than this🤣🤣🤣

  4. Posted by hudsonnoble, — Reply

    "royal guards- release the smol bois"

  5. Posted by NJduop, — Reply

    Dwarves are better 😂😂 they look like sticks

  6. Posted by milabuecher202, — Reply

    Looks like little dwarves... XD

  7. Posted by Hali352, — Reply

    Bru- I literally have my ap euro exam in 2 hours.....the gov knows

  8. Posted by ramen101, — Reply

    I'm choking

  9. Posted by mybear000, — Reply

    Tiny men 🤣

  10. Posted by cocoallard2, — Reply

    Oh shit! We got tiny people. lil bits...

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